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Below are a few reviews written on my French classes, method & work in general.


Stéphanie is an extremely accomplished language tutor. She arranged lessons and homework to be interesting and even fun so that we as students enjoyed learning and looked forward to class time. Her style is enthusiastic, engaging, encouraging and reinforcing. Another aspect that greatly enhanced her effectiveness was that she is a native French speaker from France but is also perfectly fluent in English having lived in Australia and England for several years. With this combination, she was able to effectively communicate important nuances of the language. Given a French language tutor need in the future, I would call Stéphanie first.

James Mik, HR Manager BHP Billiton (Australia)


I worked with Stéphanie for two hours per week for 4 months and was very impressed with her character and teaching skills. I needed to learn a large amount of French in a very short time in order to improve my skills to a similar level to students who had been studying French at university for 18 months, and with her help I was able to do this! I was very impressed with the personalised service which she provided for me. I found Stéphanie to be a patient, positive and encouraging teacher. Her lessons were very enjoyable and satisfying.

Sharon Phillips, Brisbane (Australia)


Brilliant! A very enjoyable way to learn French. This was a wonderful opportunity. I have found this course (Wining & Dining) to be very enlightning to my French knowledge. I am completing the course with more confidence in the language. Please keep the Wine & Dine course on offer to others. Merci beaucoup Stéphanie!

Rene, Auckland (New Zealand)


My son gained an OP1. The French tutoring certainly helped him achieve this wonderful result! We have personally recommended you and have given your details to a few mothers at school. A pity you do not do Maths & Physics! Thank  you for excellent tutoring of Mark!

Nicola, Kedron (Australia)

Hey I got a HD for this semester 87% I am so happy, thank you so much Stéphanie! Admittedly, I was a little anxious about how I did in the exam because it seemed a little too quick and easy. I have to acknowledge your expertise because I know it was and is invaluable to me. Seeing how you approach your own language and English makes me want to know more so I can pass it on in a much more capable and efficient way, in whatever I do.

Elizabeth, Perth (Australia)

We appreciate everything you have done for our girls and their French, and for the warmth and friendliness that you have always shown to them (and to us). Merci beaucoup!

Neil, Sandgate (Australia)

Merci beaucoup pour tous vos efforts. Ces dernières années ont été un grand plaisir pour moi. Vous êtes un professeur sans pareil.

Peter, Sunshine Coast (Australia)

You are a very good teacher (I'm a teacher myself, so I know what I am talking about) and I feel that I did make good progress thanks to you.

Michael, Underwood (Australia)

I really liked the relaxed atmosphere of online learning. Some of the lessons were arranged outside normal business hours, which required Stéphanie to be very flexible with her schedule. The course and content were very relevant. I was a complete beginner and now I would feel comfortable shopping and ordering a meal in France! I would love to continue after my trip. Merci beaucoup.

Jessica, Auckland (New Zealand)

I just got back from my trip to France. Thank you for much for all your help and for all the lessons, it really made a difference!

Tenille, Wellington (New Zealand)

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